Deep Industry Expertise

Our experience across select industries gives us the in-depth knowledge to be valuable partners to management and enables us to leverage industry-specific resources to accelerate the growth in sales and profitability of companies.

Value Creation

We seek to combine industry experience with operational resources to help companies build sustainable value with the goal of guiding our companies in making the right long-term investments to serve their customers better.

Careful Assessment

We always ask ourselves whether we are the right partner to help a company achieve its long-term goals. Our ideal investments have a strong overlap between our capabilities and a company’s value creation potential.

Flexible Structures

We believe we are flexible and responsive in working with entrepreneurs, families, or institutional shareholders to structure investments that align with objectives on all sides. We are open to a wide range of investment structures, including minority ownership.


Our relationship and alignment with the management teams is of paramount importance. We bring capital and industry expertise to implement our shared goals and visions.

Reward Management

We believe in offering management a meaningful stake in the value creation during our ownership period. We share our motivation and drive with management through joint ownership.

Long-Term Approach

We understand building enduring value in companies requires a long-term approach. We are patient investors.