Chris Rowland Promoted to Chief Executive Officer of Pet Supplies Plus

October 13, 2014

Livonia, Michigan – Pet Supplies Plus (“PSP”) announced today that Chris Rowland was promoted to Chief Executive Officer, effective October 13, 2014. PSP, a portfolio company of Irving Place Capital, is the third-largest pet specialty retailer in the United States.

Chris Rowland is a skilled retail executive with broad experience leading store operations, merchandising, marketing, supply chain, real estate, human resources and finance business functions. As CEO, Mr. Rowland will be focused on refining and implementing PSP’s go-to-market and growth strategies. Mr. Rowland joined PSP in November, 2012 as Senior Vice President of Store Operations, and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in February, 2014. Prior to PSP, Mr. Rowland spent 14 years at PetSmart Inc. (“PetSmart”), a national retailer of pet food and supplies, where he served as President of PetSmart Canada and Vice President of Operations and Services in the United States.

Mr. Rowland said, “It’s an exciting time for PSP – we’re moving forward, focusing on refining our strategy, investing in the business and working with franchisees to escalate our growth. I’m passionate about the pet industry and honored to be leading the PSP team.”