Multi Packaging Solutions

Irving Place Capital Announces Successful Completion of New Credit Facility for Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc.

June 4, 2010

Irving Place Capital (“IPC”) announced today the May 13, 2010 completion of a new credit facility for its portfolio investment, Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc. (“MPS”).  The new credit facility refinanced existing senior and subordinated debt of the Company, as well as provided for the payment of a dividend to existing investors.  The new facility includes a $30.0 million undrawn revolving credit line that expires in 2015.  In addition, the new credit facility provides for a continued stable capital structure, extending debt maturities to 2016.  The new credit facility was rated by Moody’s (B2 – Stable) and Standard and Poor’s (B- Stable), consistent with the previous corporate and facility ratings.

“The company’s strong performance and free cash flow profile allowed MPS to complete a very attractive financing.  The new facilities position MPS for future acquisitions and provide investors a dividend on their original investment,” said Phil Carpenter, Senior Managing Director of IPC.  “MPS has grown from $150 million to more than $500 million in revenue over the last five years.  We’re pleased with our investment and look forward to supporting the company’s continued growth.”

Marc Shore, Chief Executive Officer of MPS stated, “This new credit facility allows MPS to continue to focus on providing outstanding service and products to our customers without the distractions in the financing marketplace.  In addition, the new bank facility provides the flexibility MPS requires to execute its growth strategy, including the ability to make accretive acquisitions.”

William Hogan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of MPS stated, “The company’s focus on expanding customer relationships, achieving operating efficiencies and effectively integrating acquired businesses has resulted in strong performance amidst a difficult economic backdrop.  Our history of strong revenue and cash flow growth created an excellent platform to complete the financing.”